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Aldrich Ames found guilty of spying 1994 T Note
Alger Hiss indicted for treason 1948 T Note
Alien and Sedition Acts 1798 T Note
Arrest of women suffrage advocates 1872 T Note
Boston Police strike 1919 T Note
Civil Rights march in Selma, Alabama, attacked by police 1965 T Note
Discovery of William Tweed's fraud Ring in New York 1871 T Note
J. Edgar Hooever appointed head of FBI 1924 T Note
Klaus Fuchs convicted of passing atomic secrets to Russia 1950 T Note
McCarthy launches hunt for US Communists 1950 T Note
Rosenbergs guilty of passing atomic secrets to Russia 1951 T Note
Sioux Chief Sitting Bull gives himself up to the US army 1881 T Note
The president creates Committee on Public Information to censor newspapers and magazines 1917 T Note

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