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Burton, Richard 1821 - 1890 P
Albanian independence proclaimed 1917 T Note
Anglo-Italian agreement over Ethiopia defines frontiers 1891 T Note
Charles Felix forces Charles Albert to renounce his claim to Piedmont 1821 T Note
Cisalpine Republic proclaimed 1797 T Note
Cispadane Republic established 1796 T Note
Cispadane Republic merged with Ligurian Republic 1797 T Note
Duke of Lucca decides to sell his duchy to LeopoId of Tuscany 1846 T Note
Emperor claims reversion of Duchy of Mantua on death of the Duke 1708 T Note
Ethiopia annexed by Italy 1936 T Note
First Partition Treaty for the division of Spanish possessions 1698 T Note
Fiume declares her independence 1919 T Note
Formal union of Venice, Sardinia and Lombardy 1848 T Note
Franco-Italian convention over Tunis 1896 T Note
Italian troops advance into Ethiopia 1895 T Note
Italians defeat Mahdists in attack on Eritrea 1893 T Note
Italians take Kassala, Sudan, from the Dervishes 1894 T Note
Italy establishes colony of Eritrea 1882 T Note
Italy occupies Massawa in Eritrea 1885 T Note
Italy reorganises its Red Sea territories as Eritrea 1890 T Note

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