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Burton, Richard 1821 - 1890 P
Cartier, Jacques 1491 - 1557 P
Crèvecoeur, J. Hector St John de 1735 - 1813 P
de Champlain, Samuel 1567 - 1635 P
Léry, Jean 1536 - 1613 P
A French factory is founded in Siam 1680 T Note
Anglo-French convention defines boundaries in Nigeria and Gold Coast 1898 T Note
Anglo-French discussions on colonial boundaries in North America 1754 T Note
Anglo-German secret agreement on Portugal's African territories 1898 T Note
Anglo-Russian Convention on Persia, Afghanistan, Tibet 1907 T Note
Bantry Bay expedition fails through gales 1796 T Note
Bonaparte declares French Empire 1804 T Note
Boundaries of Montenegro are fixed 1858 T Note
Britain agrees to evacuate Egypt in three years 1887 T Note
Britain and France recognise independence of Zanzibar 1862 T Note
Britain and France refuse to support Baghdad Railway 1903 T Note
Britain warns against French occupation of Upper Nile 1895 T Note
British conquer French Senegal 1758 T Note
British land at Quiberon 1795 T Note
British take Masulipatam 1759 T Note

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