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Mass emigration of Germans from Palatinate to North America 1709 T Note
The Peace of Rastatt between France and Emperor 1714 T Note
France signs the Peace of Baden with Emperor 1714 T Note
Charles XII of Sweden arrives at Stralsund 1714 T Note
Large-scale German and Scots-Irish immigrations to North America 1715 T Note
Treaty of Stockholm between Prussia and Sweden 1720 T Note
Peace treaty is signed between the Quadruple Alliance and Spain 1720 T Note
Holland takes Gross-Fredericksburg in West Africa 1725 T Note
Russia proposes to Austria that Prussia be partitioned 1756 T Note
First Partition of Poland by Prussia, Russia, and Austria 1772 T
Poland cedes Thorn and Danzig to Prussia 1790 T Note
Second partition of Poland by Prussia and Russia 1793 T Note
Third Partition of Poland by Prussia, Russia, and Austria 1795 T Note
Hanover proclaimed a kingdom 1814 T Note
Russia hands Saxony to Prussia 1814 T Note
Denmark cedes land to Prussia 1815 T Note
Britain establishes protectorate over Ionian Islands 1815 T Note
The Straits Convention 1841 T Note
Independence of Duchies of Schleswig and Holstein is proposed 1844 T Note
German Professors meet at Frankfurt to discuss German reunification 1846 T Note

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