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Austria annexes Bukovina 1775 - 1918 T Note
Austrian Netherlands constituted province of Austrian monarchy 1787 T Note
Britain establishes protectorate over Ionian Islands 1815 T Note
Central Powers proclaim Kingdom of Poland 1916 T Note
Emperor Charles VI agrees to suspend the Austrian East India Company 1727 - 1727 T Note
Emperor Charles VI founds Oriental Company in Vienna 1719 T Note
Emperor Charles VI grants a charter to an Austrian East India Company 1722 T Note
First Partition of Poland by Prussia, Russia, and Austria 1772 T
Hanover proclaimed a kingdom 1814 T Note
International London Conference agree to Belgian separation from Holland 1830 T Note
Kingdom of Yugoslavia formed 1918 T Note
Montenegro King Nicholas yields Scutari to powers 1913 T Note
Protestants from Salzburg settle in Georgia 1734 T Note
Russia proposes to Austria that Prussia be partitioned 1756 T Note
The Straits Convention 1841 T Note
Third Partition of Poland by Prussia, Russia, and Austria 1795 T Note
Turkey cedes Orova to Austria 1791 T Note

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