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Morton, Thomas 1576 - 1647 P
Smith, John 1580 - 1631 P
Bradford, William 1590 - 1657 P
Bradstreet, Anne 1612 - 1672 P
Penn, William 1644 - 1718 P
Byrd, William 1674 - 1744 P
Columbus's expedition departs Palos, Spain 1492 T Note
Florida claimed for Spain by Juan Ponce de Leon 1513 T Note
Hernando Cortes leads an expedition to Mexico 1519 T Note
Spain attempts unsuccessfully to colonise Florida 1521 T Note
First European settlement in the present-day US 1526 T Note
Cortes attempts to found a colony in Lower California 1533 T Note
First European in California: Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo 1542 T Note
First permanent European colony in the US established by the Spanish 1556 T Note
Settlement established by the Spanish in Mobile Bay, Alabama 1559 T Note
Ribault establishes a Huguenot colony in Florida 1562 T Note
Fort Caroline established by the French in Florida 1564 T Note
Spain eliminates French colonists in Florida and establishes St Augustine 1565 T Note
Francis Drake discovers San Francisco Bay 1579 T Note
Spain claims a portion of North America; it is called San Felipe del Nuevo Mexico 1581 T Note

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