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Bradford, William 1590 - 1657 P
Bradstreet, Anne 1612 - 1672 P
Penn, William 1644 - 1718 P
Byrd, William 1674 - 1744 P
Crèvecoeur, J. Hector St John de 1735 - 1813 P
Frémont, John Charles 1813 - 1890 P
Stanley, Henry Morton 1841 - 1904 P
Salverson, Laura Goodman 1890 - 1970 P
Raleigh colonizes Virginia 1584 T Note
Roanoke Colony founded 1585 - 1590 T Note
Second colony established by English settlers off the coast of the US 1587 T Note
Mass American Indian baptism in Florida 1594 T Note
Simon Ferdinando lands in Maine 1597 T Note
Spanish settlement of what is now New Mexico begun by Juan de Onate 1598 T Note
George Weymouth visits the New England court 1605 T Note
120 colonists set off to Virginia under Captain Christopher Newport 1606 T Note
Virginia Colony founded at Jamestown 1607 T Note
English found colony of Maine 1607 T Note
Lord Somers and Captain Newport leave Plymouth for Virginia 1609 T Note
Dutch first use Manhattan Island as a centre for the fur trade 1612 T Note

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