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Crèvecoeur, J. Hector St John de 1735 - 1813 P
Frémont, John Charles 1813 - 1890 P
Stanley, Henry Morton 1841 - 1904 P
Salverson, Laura Goodman 1890 - 1970 P
Massachusetts buys most of Maine 1677 T Note
Royal charter for Pennsylvania 1681 T Note
Pennsylvania adopts a Constitution 1682 T Note
William Penn buys land from Indians 1683 T Note
Colonial charter governing Massachusetts withdrawn 1684 T Note
Federation of New England 1686 T Note
The New England colonies out Royal Governor Edmund Andros 1689 T Note
The colony of Massachusetts is given a new charter 1691 T Note
Carolina divided into North and South 1693 T Note
Delaware becomes a separate colony from Pennsylvania 1703 T Note
Crozat obtains a monopoly of the Illinois trade 1712 T Note
Governor Spotswood of Virginia endorses settling at Lake Erie 1717 T Note
New Orleans founded 1718 T Note
Spain founds Pensacola, Florida 1718 T Note
Governor of New York tries to protect British colonies against French 1720 T Note
Baltimore founded 1729 T Note

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