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Crèvecoeur, J. Hector St John de 1735 - 1813 P
Frémont, John Charles 1813 - 1890 P
Salverson, Laura Goodman 1890 - 1970 P
Stanley, Henry Morton 1841 - 1904 P
1.3 million Germans emigrate to the USA 1881 T Note
400 000 Canadians emigrate to the USA 1881 T Note
80 000 Scandinavians emigrate to the USA 1882 T Note
Alabama admitted to the Union 1819 T Note
Alaska admitted to the Union 1959 T Note
American colonies enforce non-importation of British goods 1774 T Note
American colony in Texas established by Stephen F. Austin 1822 T Note
Annexation of Hawaii 1898 T Note
Annexation of Texas: Mexico breaks relations with USA 1845 T Note
Arizona admitted to the Union 1912 T Note
Arizona organised as US territory 1863 T Note
Arkansas admitted to the Union 1836 T Note
Black immigration to Africa 1820 T Note
Boundary between the US and Canada established 1846 T Note
Britain and France recognise independence of Hawaii 1843 T Note
British colonial governments for Quebec, Florida and Grenada 1763 T Note

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