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James Cook lands in Botany Bay 1770 T Note
Bennelong and Yermmerawannie go to England 1792 T Note
Europeans settle in the Hawkesbury and Parramatta 1799 - 1805 T Note
Ticket-of-leave system set up by Governor King 1801 T Note
Settlement at Derwent River 1803 - 1804 T Note
Hobart, Tasmania, founded 1804 T Note
Lachlan Macquarie becomes Governor of New South Wales 1809 - 1821 T Note
South Australia Act (South Australian Colonisation Act, Foundation Act) 1834 - 1842 T
Port Phillip becomes part of New South Wales 1836 T Note
Britain agrees to stop convict transportation to Van Diemen's Land 1852 T Note
Responsible government established in almost all Australian States 1855 T Note
Britain grants self-government to Tasmania and New Zealand 1856 T Note
Northern Territory separates from New South Wales 1863 T Note
Britain refuses Queensland's request to annex New Guinea 1883 T Note
First Colonial Conference in London opens 1887 T Note
Commonwealth of Australia proclaimed federal union 1900 T Note
Australian independence 1901 T Note
Colonial Conference resolves for Imperial Preference 1902 T Note
Canberra founded 1913 T Note
British take Gaza 1917 T Note

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