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The Holy Roman Empire 800 - 1806 T
The Byzantine empire makes peace with the Russians at Kiev 911 T Note
Byzantine expansions in the Middle East 974 - 975 T Note
Ak Koyunlu is founded 1378 - 1508 T Note
Venice lose Salonica to the Ottomans 1430 T Note
Venice signs peace treaty with the Turks 1503 T Note
Truce of Vasvar ends war between Turkey and Emperor 1664 T Note
Peace of Zurawna between Turkey and Poland 1676 T Note
Peace of Karlowitz 1699 T Note
Truce between Russia and Turkey 1700 T Note
Peter I makes peace under pressure from Turkey 1711 T Note
Charles XII of Sweden arrives at Stralsund 1714 T Note
Peace of Passarowitz: ends the war between the Empire and Turkey 1718 T Note
Treaty of Constantinople between Russia and Turkey 1724 T Note
Turkey cedes Orova to Austria 1791 T Note
The Peace of Iaşi (Jassy) 1792 T Note
Turkey formally recovers Egypt 1801 T Note
Turkey obtains Parga 1819 T Note
Treaty of Kutahya: Turkey recognises independence of Egypt 1833 T Note
The Straits Convention 1841 T Note

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