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Columbus, Christopher 1451 - 1506 P
Cartier, Jacques 1491 - 1557 P
Léry, Jean 1536 - 1613 P
de Champlain, Samuel 1567 - 1635 P
Morton, Thomas 1576 - 1647 P
Smith, John 1580 - 1631 P
Bradford, William 1590 - 1657 P
Inca Empire expands under the leadership of Viracocha Inca 1410 T Note
Aztecs expand their empire 1428 T Note
Population of Mississippi region in North America declines steeply 1450 T Note
Christopher Columbus discovers what will later be called “America” 1492 T
Columbus's expedition departs Palos, Spain 1492 T Note
Columbus' voyage of discovery financed by Ferdinand of Spain 1492 T Note
Columbus reaches the Bahamas 1492 T Note
Pope Alexander VI divides New World between Spain and Portugal 1493 T Note
Pope Alexander VI's second bull dividing New World between Spain and Portugal 1493 T Note
Columbus's third voyage 1498 T Note
Pedro Alvares Cabral travels to Brazil and then to India 1500 T Note
Inca Empire sets up a second capital at Tomebamba 1500 T Note
San Juan founded 1509 T Note

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