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Penn, William 1644 - 1718 P
Elizabeth refuses to accept sovereignty of the Netherlands 1575 T Note
Pacification of Ghent unites all 17 Provinces of the Netherlands 1576 T Note
Union of Utrecht 1579 T Note
The Dutch establish a trading post at Archangel on the White Sea 1584 T Note
Queen Elizabeth declines the sovereignty of the Low Countries 1585 T Note
Dutch Republic gains independence from Spain 1588 - 1609 T Note
Barent Erikszen leads a voyage to the coast of Guinea 1593 T Note
William Barents, Dutch explorer, dies while attempting to find a passage to China 1597 T Note
The Dutch take Mauritius 1598 T Note
The Dutch seize Amboyna, Malaysia 1605 T Note
First skirmishes between English and Dutch settlers in India 1610 T Note
Dutch first use Manhattan Island as a centre for the fur trade 1612 T Note
England returns Flushing and Brielle to the United Provinces 1616 T Note
The Dutch found a colony at Essequibo, Guyana 1616 T Note
The Dutch buy the island of Goree, off Cape Verde 1617 T Note
Dutch massacre English colonists at Amboyna 1623 T Note
The Dutch establish the colony of New Netherland 1624 T Note
The Dutch send an expedition to Bahia 1624 T Note
Dutch West Indies Company starts operating in South America and Africa 1624 T Note

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