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Anglo-German secret agreement on Portugal's African territories 1898 T Note
Anglo-Portuguese agreement on territory around Lake Nyasa 1891 T Note
Arabs take Muscat from Portugal 1648 T Note
Brazil ceded to the Portuguese and Ceylon to the Dutch 1661 T Note
Brazil declares independence from Portugal 1822 T Note
Brazil ruled directly by Portugal from a new capital at Bahia 1549 T Note
Ceuta, Morocco, captured by Portugal 1415 T Note
Dutch are finally driven out of Brazil by Portuguese 1654 T Note
Dutch take Jaffnapatam from the Portuguese 1658 T Note
Dutch war against Portuguese in Brazil 1657 T Note
Expulsion of Jews from Portugal 1495 T Note
German-Portuguese agreement on boundaries of Angola and South-West Africa 1886 T Note
John VI returns to Portugal, leaving his son as Regent of Brazil 1821 T Note
Pedro Alvares Cabral travels to Brazil and then to India 1500 T Note
Pope Alexander VI divides New World between Spain and Portugal 1493 T Note
Portugal captures Goa 1510 - 1510 T Note
Portugal cedes colonies to Spain 1778 T Note
Portugal decides to pull out of African colonies, prompts expatriation of colonists 1974 T Note
Portugal discovers the Azores, an uninhabited archipelago 1432 T Note
Portuguese Cortes repeals King John's decisions about Brazil 1821 T Note

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