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England and France declare war on Charles V 1528 T Note
The imperial army leaves Rome to meet French advance 1528 T Note
A crisis in the wool trade leads to riots in Kent 1528 T Note
Vicomte Lautrec lays siege to Naples 1528 T Note
Andrea and Fillipino Doria defect to the Emperor 1528 T Note
The French army capitulate at Aversa 1528 T Note
Genoa regains its independence as a republic 1528 T Note
The Genoese occupy Savona 1528 T Note
French brigade surrenders 1528 T Note
Ottomans' siege of Vienna is unsuccessful 1529 - 1529 T Note
Turkish attack on Austria 1529 T Note
Zurich declares war on the Swiss Catholic Forest Cantons 1529 T Note
French commander St Pol is captured 1529 T Note
Opposition to the restoration of the Medici in Florence 1529 T Note
Florence is restored to the Medicis by imperial troops 1530 T Note
Rising in Geneva 1530 T Note
Martin Luther advises the Protestant princes not to compromise 1530 T Note
Religious civil war in Switzerland 1531 - 1531 T Note
Christian II of Denmark attempts to invade Norway 1531 T Note
Schmalkaldic League plans a military campaign against Charles V 1531 T Note

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