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Charles XII of Sweden relieves Riga from Russian occupation 1701 T Note
Battle of Carpi 1701 T Note
Battle of Chiari 1701 T Note
War of the Spanish Succession 1702 - 1714 T
Second French and Indian War - also known as Queen Anne's War 1702 - 1713 T Note
Prince Eugene raids Cremona 1702 T Note
Charles XII of Sweden takes Warsaw 1702 T Note
Battle of Klissow 1702 T Note
British expedition to Cadiz fails 1702 - 1702 T Note
Marlborough takes Venlo 1702 T Note
Marlborough takes Roermonde 1702 T Note
Sir George Rooke seizes part of Spanish treasure fleet in Vigo Bay 1702 T Note
Marlborough captures Liège 1702 T Note
British plunder St Augustine in Florida in the war with Spain 1702 - 1702 T Note
Rebellion of Camisards Protestant peasants in Cévennes 1702 T Note
Charles XII of Sweden defeats Peter the Great at Pultusk 1703 T Note
The Chushingura incident 1703 T Note
Duke of Villars threatens Vienna 1703 T Note
Marlborough occupies the Electorate of Cologne 1703 T Note
French victory at Hochstadt 1703 T Note

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