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Allies evacuate Dobrudja 1917 T Note
Austro-German counter-offensive in Romania 1916 T Note
Communist regime imposed in Romania 1945 T Note
Despotic regime in Romania collapses 1989 T Note
Failure of German offensive at Focşani 1917 T Note
King Michael's coup 1944 T Note
Pitesti 're-education' experiment 1949 - 1952 T Note
Political purges in Romania 1946 - 1948 T Note
Romania eliminated from WWI 1916 T Note
Romania warns Bulgaria she will not remain neutral 1913 T Note
Romanian royal dictatorship established 1938 T Note
Romanian troops asked to withdraw from Hungary 1919 T Note
Soviet occupation of Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina 1940 - 1940 T Note

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