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The Duke of Savoy invades Lombardy 1615 T Note
The Duke of Osuna plunders Venice with Spanish agreement 1617 T Note
Conspiracy against Venice is discovered 1618 T Note
The Spanish besiege Casale 1629 T Note
Cardinal Richelieu leads an expedition to Italy 1630 T Note
Mantua falls to the imperialists 1630 T Note
Pope Urban VIII annexes Urbino 1631 T Note
Battle of Tornavento 1636 T Note
The Spanish take Vercelli 1638 T Note
Turenne defeats the Savoyards and imperialists 1639 T Note
The French fail to take Orbetello 1645 T Note
Turkish-Venetian war breaks out 1645 T Note
French fail to take Orbetello 1646 T Note
Naples revolts against Spain 1647 T Note
Don John of Austria enters Naples Bay with Spanish forces 1647 T Note
A second revolution in Naples 1647 T Note
Naples is restored to Spanish rule by Don John 1648 T Note
The Turks capture Tenedos and Lemnos from the Venetians 1657 T Note
The Venetians finally surrender Crete to the Turks 1669 T Note
French defeat Dutch and Spanish fleets in Bay of Palermo and take Sicily 1675 T Note

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