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Muslim (Moorish) conquest of the Iberian peninsula 711 - 718 T Note
Battle of Wadi Bekka 711 T Note
Battle of Covadonga 722 - 722 T Note
Battle of Roncevaux 778 T Note
Battle of Aljubarrota 1385 T Note
Expedition sent by Henry of Castile to take control of the Canary Islands 1402 T Note
Battle of Nancy 1477 T Note
Spain gains the island of Palma 1492 T Note
Alfonso Fernandez de Lugo lands at Santa Cruz to conquer Tenerife 1494 T Note
Spain gains island of Tenerife at battle of La Laguna 1494 T Note
Ferdinand II reconquers Naples 1495 T Note
Tenerife surrenders to the Spanish 1496 T Note
Spanish troops attack Ostia 1497 T Note
Ferdinand of Aragon suppresses a Moorish revolt in Granada 1500 T Note
Moorish rebels in western Granada offer stiff resistance to Spanish army 1501 T Note
Conquest of Naples continues 1501 T Note
Taranto surrenders to the Spanish after a siege 1502 T Note
War between France and Spain in Italy over the partition of Naples 1502 T Note
The Spaniards are driven from Cerignola 1502 T Note
The French drive the Spaniards from Canosa 1502 T Note

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