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A crisis in the wool trade leads to riots in Kent 1528 T Note
A French fleet sinks the Mary Rose 1545 T Note
A French force lands on the Isle of Wight 1545 T Note
Alleged paramours of Anne Boleyn are tried for treason 1536 T Note
Alleged paramours of Queen Katherine Howard are executed 1541 T Note
An English army lands in France for a joint attack with Imperial forces 1523 T Note
An English expedition to Scotland captures Leith and burns Edinburgh 1544 T Note
An English force is defeated at St. Etienne 1546 T Note
Anne Boleyn is beheaded 1536 T Note
Anti-papal iconoclasm in southern England 1538 T Note
Archbishop Beaton, leader of the pro-French party, is imprisoned 1524 T Note
Archbishope Scrope of York executed 1405 T Note
Assassination plot on the President of the Council of the North is discovered 1541 T Note
Battle of Bosworth 1485 T Note
Battle of Flodden: English defeat the Scots 1513 T Note
Battle of Pinkie: English defeat the Scots 1547 T Note
Battle of Ravenna: France defeats the Holy League 1512 T Note
Battle of Solway Moss: English defeat the Scots 1542 T Note
Battle of St Albans starts Wars of the Roses 1455 T Note
Bishop Latimer is sent to the Tower of London 1553 T Note

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