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An English force is defeated at St. Etienne 1546 T Note
Cardinal Beaton is assassinated by pro-English party 1546 T Note
Norfolk and Surrey are accused of treason 1546 T Note
Battle of Pinkie: English defeat the Scots 1547 T Note
Earl of Surrey is executed for treason 1547 T Note
The French capture St. Andrews Castle, Scotland 1547 T Note
English troops seize Haddington, Scotland 1548 T Note
Kett’s Rebellion 1549 - 1549 T Note
England and France at war 1549 - 1550 T Note
The Protector's brother is executed for treason 1549 T Note
Risings in the West Country against the newly enforced Prayer Book 1549 T Note
The Prayer Book rising in the West Country is ended 1549 T Note
Robert Kett's Norfolk rebels defeated at the Battle of Dussindale 1549 T Note
The English abandon Haddington to the Scots 1549 T Note
Fall of Protector Somerset 1549 T Note
England surrenders Boulogne to France and removes troops from Scotland 1550 T Note
Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset, is beheaded for treason 1552 T Note
The Duke of Northumberland is executed 1553 T Note
Bishop Latimer is sent to the Tower of London 1553 T Note
Lady Jane Grey and Protestant advisors are tried for treason 1553 T Note

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