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Duke of Norfolk is tried for treason 1572 T Note
English volunteers land in the Netherlands to fight against the Spanish 1572 T Note
The Earl of Northumberland is executed at York for treason 1572 T Note
The Irish rebellion is effectively crushed 1573 T Note
English army marches into Scotland to capture Edinburgh Castle 1573 T Note
Edinburgh Castle surrenders to the English 1573 T Note
Don John of Austria seizes Namur 1577 T Note
Seminary priest Cuthbert Maine is executed for treason 1577 T Note
Elizabeth I gives John Casimir of the Palatinate £20,000 to aid the Dutch 1578 T Note
The Earl of Morton is executed for complicity in Darnley's murder 1581 T Note
Edmund Campion is seized 1581 T Note
Edmund Campion is executed 1581 T Note
In the Ruthven Raid, the English Party in Scotland capture James VI 1582 T Note
The Somerville Plot to assassinate Elizabeth I is discovered 1583 T Note
The Throgmorton Plot, for a Spanish invasion of England, is discovered 1583 T Note
John Somerville, who had plotted to assassinate Elizabeth I, is executed 1583 T Note
Francis Throgmorton is executed for treason 1584 T Note
Dr William Parry MP executed for alleged high treason 1585 T Note
English shipping in Spanish ports is confiscated 1585 T Note
The Babington Plot 1586 T Note

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