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'English Armada:' Sir Francis Drake and Sir John Norris undertake an expedition to Portugal 1589 T Note
4,000 English troops arrive in France to aid Henry of Navarre 1589 T Note
English defeated by the Spanish near the Azores 1591 T Note
Elizabeth I sends 3000 men to aid Henry IV 1591 T Note
Robert Earl of Essex is sent to France 1591 T Note
Sir Brian O'Rourke is executed at Tyburn 1591 T Note
Spaniards defeat English force at Cranori 1592 T Note
Sir John Burrows captures a valuable Portuguese galleon 1592 T Note
Henry Barrow is executed 1593 T Note
John Penry is executed for denying Queen Elizabeth's royal supremacy 1593 T Note
Royal physician Roderigo Lopez arrested for planning to poison Queen Elizabeth 1594 T Note
Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone, leads a rising in Ulster 1594 T Note
Anglo-French expedition to dislodge the Spanish from Brittany 1594 T Note
Anglo-French force recaptures Brest from the Spaniards 1594 T Note
Jesuit Robert Southwell is hanged at Tyburn 1595 T Note
Philip II aids the Earl of Tyrone's rebellion in Ireland 1595 T Note
Sir John Norris is sent to Ireland to put down the rebellion 1595 T Note
The Earl of Tyrone proclaimed a traitor 1595 T Note
The Spanish land in Cornwall 1595 T Note
Cadiz sacked by the English 1596 - 1596 T Note

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