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'Jenkins' Ear' debate in Parliament urging war on Spain 1738 T Note
“The Mohocks” terrorise streets of London 1712 - 1712 T Note
8500 British troops join Ferdinand of Brunswick 1758 T Note
A Royalist conspiracy is discovered in England 1658 T Note
Adam Duncan defeats Dutch off Camperdown 1797 T Note
Admiral Byng defeats Spain off Cape Passaro 1718 T Note
Admiral Byng is shot for neglect of duty 1757 T Note
Admiral Hosier blockades Porto Bello 1726 T Note
Admiral Vernon captures Porto Bello 1739 T Note
Algernon Sydney is executed for plotting against Charles II 1683 T Note
Allies agree to evacuate troops 1818 T Note
American Revolutionary War 1775 - 1783 T Note
Anglo-Dutch army defeats French at Aughrim 1691 T Note
Anglo-Dutch army lands in Ireland 1689 T Note
Anglo-Dutch bombardment of Dieppe 1694 - 1694 T Note
Anglo-Dutch bombardment of Le Havre 1694 T Note
Anglo-French war breaks out in North America 1754 T Note
Anglo-Gurkha war 1816 T Note
Anglo-Spanish War 1655 - 1660 T Note
Archbishop Sharp of St. Andrews is killed by Covenanters 1679 T Note

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