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Limerick, the last Irish Jacobite city, surrenders 1691 T Note
William III visits Holland to plan the defeat of France 1691 T Note
Anglo-Dutch army defeats French at Aughrim 1691 T Note
Glencoe Massacre 1692 T
Battle of La Hougue 1692 - 1692 T Note
Marlborough is sent to the Tower of London 1692 T Note
William III is defeated at Steinkirke 1692 T Note
Smyrna Convoy action 1693 T Note
St Malo bombarded by the English 1693 - 1693 T
Battle of Lagos 1693 - 1693 T Note
William III is defeated at Neerwinden 1693 - 1693 T Note
The English bombard St Malo 1693 T Note
Anglo-Dutch bombardment of Dieppe 1694 - 1694 T Note
Anglo-Dutch bombardment of Le Havre 1694 T Note
Noailles invades Spain 1694 T Note
The Scottish Parliament enquires into the massacre of Glencoe 1695 T Note
English fleet bombards St Malo 1695 T Note
William III announces Sir John Fenwick's plot to assassinate him 1696 T Note
The French prepare for an invasion of England 1696 T Note
William III is in Holland campaigning against the French 1696 - 1696 T Note

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