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Spanish guarda-costas mutilate British captain 1731 T Note
Porteous Riots in Edinburgh 1736 T Note
'Jenkins' Ear' debate in Parliament urging war on Spain 1738 T Note
British Parliament orders reinforcement of the Mediterranean fleet 1738 T Note
Britain declares war against Spain 1739 T Note
Admiral Vernon captures Porto Bello 1739 T Note
War of the Austrian Succession 1740 - 1748 T
British attack on Cartagena and Cuba fails 1741 T Note
British navy prevents Neapolitans and Spaniards from taking Lombardy 1742 T Note
George II defeats French at Dettingen 1743 - 1743 T Note
Third French and Indian War - also known as King George's War 1744 - 1748 T
Indecisive naval Battle of Toulon 1744 T Note
France declares war on England 1744 T Note
Jacobite Rebellion 1745 T Note
French defeat British at Fontenoy and conquer the Austrian Netherlands 1745 T Note
Charles Edward Stuart, the Young Pretender, lands in Scotland 1745 T Note
Jacobites enter Edinburgh 1745 T Note
Charles Edward Stuart defeats English army at Prestonpans 1745 T Note
Charles Edward advances as far south as Derby 1745 T Note
Jacobite victory at Penrith 1745 T Note

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