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Gordon Riots 1780 - 1780 T
Charleston falls to British 1780 T Note
Cornwallis defeats Americans at Camden 1780 T Note
Sumpter's army defeated by British under Tarleton 1780 T Note
British defeated at King's Mountain 1780 T Note
Britain declares war on Holland 1780 T Note
Morgan defeats Tarleton's forces at battle of Cowpens 1781 T Note
Battle of Guilford Courthouse 1781 T Note
Spanish take Pensacola from British 1781 T Note
Cornwallis defeats Greene at Eutaw 1781 T Note
Battle of The Saints 1782 T Note
Revolution Society congratulates National Assembly 1789 T Note
Last English woman burned at the stake 1789 T Note
Highland Clearances 1790 - 1880 T
Burke secures Fox's defeat 1790 T Note
The battle of Seringapatam 1791 T Note
French Wars 1792 - 1802 T
Warren Hastings is acquitted 1795 T Note
William Pitt's "Reign of Terror" 1795 T Note
British occupy Cape of Good Hope 1795 T Note

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