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Britain annexes Pondoland 1894 T Note
Britain steps in to stop massacre of Armenians 1895 T Note
Britain annexes Togoland to block Transvaal's access to sea 1895 T Note
'British' Bechuanaland is annexed to Cape Colony 1895 T Note
Jameson surrenders to the Boers at Doornkop 1896 T Note
Fourth Ashanti War: Ghana becomes a British protectorate 1896 T Note
Britain decides on re-conquest of Sudan 1896 T Note
Horatio Kitchener takes Dongola in Sudan 1896 T Note
Gladstone's last speech urges British action on Armenian massacres 1896 T Note
Robert Baden-Powell puts down Matabele rising 1896 T Note
Russia plans to seize Constantinople if Britain intervenes in Crete 1896 T Note
British troops occupy Benin in protest at human sacrifices 1897 T Note
Britain threatens war with Russia but cannot find back-up 1898 - 1898 T Note
Horatio Kitchener's victory at Atbara River 1898 T Note
French evacuate Fashoda after Britain protests 1898 T Note
Battle of Glencoe/ Talana Hill: Boers defeated 1899 T Note
Battle of Ladysmith: Boers win 1899 T Note
Khalifa of Sudan is killed by Reginald Wingate on the White Nile 1899 T Note
Battle of Stormberg: British are defeated 1899 T Note
Battle of Magersfontein: British are repulsed by Piet Cronje 1899 T Note

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