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Rebellion of Owain Glyndwr 1400 - 1410 T Note
Defeat of Henry Hotspur at Shrewsbury 1403 T Note
Archbishope Scrope of York executed 1405 T Note
Earl of Northumberland defeated at Bramham Moor 1408 T Note
English Lollard rebellion crushed 1414 T Note
Henry V invades France and gains victory at Agincourt 1415 T Note
Rouen captured by Henry V 1419 T Note
Joan of Arc relieves the siege of Orleans 1429 T Note
Joan of Arc burned as a heretic by the English 1431 T Note
Hundred Years' War ends when Bordeaux falls to France 1453 T Note
Serious defeat for the Yorkists at Wakefield, England 1460 T Note
Lancastrians defeated at Towton, England 1461 T Note
Henry VII of England invades France 1492 T Note
Henry VII besieges Boulogne 1492 T Note
Henry VII denounces Perkin Warbeck to Margaret, Duchess of Burgundy 1493 T Note
Lord Chamberlain Stanley tried for complicity with Perkin Warbeck 1495 T Note
Sir William Stanley is executed 1495 T Note
James IV of Scotland invades Northumberland in support of Perkin Warbeck 1496 T Note
Cornish Rising breaks out 1497 T Note
Henry VII defeats the Cornish rebels under Lord Audley at Blackheath 1497 T Note

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