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France, Spain and England refuse the Pope's offer of peace negotiations 1524 T Note
Henry VIII and Charles V form a league for a fresh attack on France 1524 T Note
Henry VIII tries and fails to send an expedition to aid Bourbon in France 1524 T Note
Papal dispensation for Henry VIII conditional on first marriage's invalidity 1527 T Note
England and France declare war on Charles V 1528 T Note
A crisis in the wool trade leads to riots in Kent 1528 T Note
The Earl of Northumberland harries the Scottish border 1532 T Note
Thomas, Earl of Kildare is imprisoned for alleged treasons 1534 T Note
Elizabeth Barton is executed for treason 1534 T Note
Carthusian monks are found guilty of treason 1535 T Note
Carthusian monks are executed at Tyburn 1535 T Note
Anne Boleyn is beheaded 1536 T Note
Alleged paramours of Anne Boleyn are tried for treason 1536 T Note
The Duke of Suffolk arrives at Lincoln to suppress the Lincolnshire rising 1536 T Note
Rising spreads to Durham, Cumberland and Westmorland 1536 T Note
The Duke of Norfolk promises a pardon to the Yorkshire rebels 1536 T Note
Henry VIII summons rebel Robert Aske to court 1536 T Note
Robert Aske tries to pacify the rebels of the Pilgrimage of Grace 1537 T Note
Rebel leader Robert Aske is sentenced to death 1537 T Note
Leaders of the Pilgrimage of Grace are executed 1537 T Note

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