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King Egbert of Wessex conquers Cornwall 815 T
Ecgberht (Wessex) defeats Mercia 825 T Note
Battle of Ellandun; Wessex becomes the dominant Anglo-Saxon kingdom 825 T Note
Danes raid Kent 835 T
Vikings invade Devon 836 T Note
Battle of Hingston Down 838 T Note
The Danes enter Thames estuary and march on Canterbury 851 T
A great Danish Viking army invades East Anglia 865 T Note
Wessex battles the Vikings; Danes occupy part of England 870 - 871 T Note
King Alfred defeats the Danes at Edington; Peace of Wedmore concluded 878 T Note
Alfred the Great reconquers London from the Danes 886 T
The Danes begin raids on Sussex 895 T
Beginnings of the English reconquest of the Danelaw 914 - 919 T Note
Battle of Brunanburgh 937 T Note
Edward the Martyr is assassinated 978 T Note
Æthelred orders massacre of Danes 1002 T Note
King Swein leads a Danish invasion of England 1003 T Note

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