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Abortive Fenian risings in Ireland 1867 T Note
Bloody Sunday 1972 T Note
Cahir O'Dogherty of Tyrone raises rebellion in Ulster 1608 T Note
Earl of Essex signs a truce with the Irish rebel Tyrone 1599 T Note
Earl of Mountjoy starts an attack to end the rebellion in Munster 1601 T Note
Earl of Tyrone resumes his rebellion against Queen Elizabeth 1600 T Note
Earls of Tyrone and Tyrconnel flee from Ireland to Spain 1607 T Note
Habeas Corpus Act suspended in Ireland 1848 T Note
Habeas Corpus Act suspended in Ireland after unrest 1866 T Note
Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone, leads a rising in Ulster 1594 T Note
Irish Catholics defeat Scots at Benburb 1646 T Note
Irish defeated by Parliamentary forces at Dangan Hill 1647 T Note
Irish rebel Shane O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone, is assassinated 1567 T Note
Irish Rebellion: Confederation of Kilkenny 1641 T Note
Irish rebels who had taken refuge in Tory Island are massacred 1608 T Note
Irish-American terrorists try to blow up The Times office 1883 T Note
Londonderry is relieved after a siege of 150 days 1690 T Note
Lord Mountjoy begins the reconquest of Ireland from the rebels 1602 T Note
Lord Mountjoy lays siege to Kinsale 1601 T Note
Louis XIV sends troops to Ireland to fight for James II 1690 T Note

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