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James IV of Scotland invades Northumberland in support of Perkin Warbeck 1496 T Note
Scottish army crosses the Border and lays siege to Norham Castle 1497 T Note
Battle of Flodden: English defeat the Scots 1513 T Note
James IV of Scotland declares war against England 1513 T Note
James IV crosses the Tweed and attacks Norham Castle 1513 T Note
French spy Duke of Albany lands in Scotland to exploit divisions 1515 T Note
Henry VIII refuses peace with Scotland while the Duke of Albany remains there 1522 T Note
England declares war against France and Scotland 1522 T Note
Duke of Albany agrees to a truce 1522 T Note
The Earl of Surrey harries the Scottish border 1523 T Note
Earl of Surrey burns Jedburgh 1523 T Note
The Duke of Albany arrives from France and begins to rally the Scots 1523 T Note
Archbishop Beaton, leader of the pro-French party, is imprisoned 1524 T Note
The Earl of Northumberland harries the Scottish border 1532 T Note
James V of Scotland forces Galloway clans to submit 1535 T Note
The Scots attack Northumberland and the borders 1541 T Note
Battle of Solway Moss: English defeat the Scots 1542 T Note
Border warfare between England and Scotland intensifies 1542 T Note
The Warden of the East March is captured by the Scots 1542 T Note
The Duke of Norfolk invades Scotland and burns Kelso 1542 - 1542 T Note

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