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John Knox preaches a defiant sermon that incites violent riots 1559 T Note
Rebellion of George Gordon, Earl of Huntly, in Scotland is crushed 1562 T Note
Mary Queen of Scots' secretary is murdered on Darnley's orders 1566 T Note
Darnley is murdered on the orders of Earl of Bothwell 1567 T Note
Mary Queen of Scots escapes from Lochleven 1568 T Note
The Earls of Northumberland and Westmorland flee to Scotland 1569 T Note
Thomas Earl of Sussex harries the Scottish border 1570 T Note
Coup d'etat by the Marian Party in Scotland 1571 T Note
English army marches into Scotland to capture Edinburgh Castle 1573 T Note
Edinburgh Castle surrenders to the English 1573 T Note
The Earl of Morton is executed for complicity in Darnley's murder 1581 T Note
In the Ruthven Raid, the English Party in Scotland capture James VI 1582 T Note
Mary Queen of Scots is executed at Fotheringay 1587 T Note
First Bishops' War between England and Scotland 1639 T Note
Scottish troops occupy Kelso near the English border 1639 T Note
English cavalry retreat from Kelso 1639 T Note
Scots defeat the English 1639 T Note
Charles I accuses the Scots of seeking to overthrow royal power 1639 T Note
The Scottish Covenanters take Edinburgh and key towns 1639 T Note
Second Bishops' War begins 1640 T Note

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