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Julius II declares war on Ferrara 1510 T Note
Papal troops defend Bologna from French attack 1510 T Note
Gian Trivulzio recaptures Mirandola; Julius II fails to take Ferrara 1511 T Note
French capture Bologna and expel the papal troops 1511 T Note
Battle of Ravenna: France defeats the Holy League 1512 T Note
Duke of Nemours defeats the Holy League and takes Brescia 1512 T Note
Maximilian I and the Swiss join the Holy League against France 1512 T Note
English burn villages on Breton coast 1512 T Note
French troops withdraw from Milan 1512 T Note
English expedition to Guienne lacks Spanish support 1512 T Note
Pope Julius II recovers Bologna 1512 T Note
English fleet destroys 25 French vessels in Brest harbour 1512 T Note
Swiss defeat the French 1513 T Note
French and Venetian troops invade Milan 1513 T Note
Henry VIII commands his army in France 1513 - 1513 T Note
Thérouanne surrenders to the English 1513 T Note
Swiss occupy Franche Comté 1513 T Note
The Swiss attack Dijon 1513 T Note
France invades Italy 1515 T Note
French spy Duke of Albany lands in Scotland to exploit divisions 1515 T Note

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