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Wars of the League 1585 - 1598 T Note
The Sixteen establish a revolutionary government in Paris 1586 T Note
Henry of Navarre captures Talmont and Fontenay in Poitou 1587 T Note
Cardinal William Allen's manifesto justifying a Spanish invasion 1587 T Note
Battle of Coultras 1587 T Note
The Duke of Guise defeats a German force near Chartres 1587 T Note
Henry III forbids the Duke of Guise to enter Paris 1587 T Note
Henry III gains Swiss mercenaries for defence against Catholic League 1588 T Note
Guise enters Paris 1588 T Note
Henry III escapes to Chartres 1588 T Note
Henry III agrees to all the Duke of Guise's demands 1588 T Note
The Armada anchors off Calais 1588 T Note
Fire ships destroy many of the Spanish galleons off Calais 1588 T Note
Henry III arranges the assassination of Henry, Duke of Guise 1588 T Note
Henry Duke of Guise and Louis Cardinal of Guise are assassinated 1588 T Note
Duke of Mayenne, new head of the Catholic League, enters Paris 1589 T Note
Henry III's army begin to threaten Paris 1589 T Note
Henry III is assassinated by Jacques Clement, a fanatical monk 1589 T Note
Henry IV (of Navarre) establishes his headquarters at Tours 1589 T Note
Battle of Arques 1589 T Note

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