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Charles, Duke of Lorraine, takes Buda from the Turks 1686 T Note
Louis XIV proclaims annexation of Madagascar 1686 T Note
La Salle is murdered by his colleagues 1687 T Note
Battle of Mohacs 1687 T Note
Nine Years War, War of the League of Augsburg, War of the Grand Alliance, King Williams' War, War of the English Succession 1688 - 1697 T
France declares war on the League of Augsburg and invades the Palatinate 1688 T Note
French take Heidelberg, Philipsburg and Avignon 1688 T Note
Louis XIV declares war on Holland 1688 T Note
The French occupy the Palatinate 1688 T Note
Revolution in Siam against French influence 1688 T Note
First French and Indian war begins 1689 T Note
French devastate the Palatinate 1689 - 1689 T Note
The German Diet declares war against France 1689 T Note
Louis XIV declares war on Spain 1689 T Note
The French burn Baden-Baden 1689 T Note
Louis XIV declares war on Britain 1689 T Note
Rising of Protestants in the Cevennes 1689 T Note
Battle of the Boyne 1690 T Note
Battle of Beachy Head 1690 T Note
Louis XIV sends troops to Ireland to fight for James II 1690 T Note

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