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La Fayette's French volunteers arrive in America 1777 T Note
French fleet arrives off Delaware 1778 T Note
Britain takes St. Lucia from French 1778 T Note
Battle of The Saints 1782 T Note
French Revolution 1789 T
Preparations for violence in Paris 1789 T Note
French Revolution: Storming of the Bastille 1789 T Note
Necker's dismissal implies royalist coup d'état 1789 T Note
Rioters prevent Louis XVI's journey to St. Cloud 1791 T Note
French Wars 1792 - 1802 T
France declares war on Austria (the War of the First Coalition) 1792 T Note
Paris: Royal Palace of Tuileries sacked 1792 T Note
Prussians take Longwy and Verdun 1792 T Note
Massacres in Paris 1792 - 1792 T Note
Battle of Valmy 1792 T Note
Battle of Jemappes 1792 T Note
War of the First Coalition 1792 T Note
Mob invade Tuileries 1792 T Note
French Convention assists revolutionaries 1792 T Note
Execution of Louis XVI 1793 T Note

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