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Allies agree to evacuate troops 1818 T Note
Duc de Berry is assassinated 1820 T Note
Battle of Trocadero 1823 T Note
French at war with Spain 1823 T Note
Ferdinand VII of Spain refuses to leave Madrid despite French invasion 1823 T Note
Battle of Navarino 1827 T Note
Dissolution of French National Guard by Charles X 1827 T Note
Turkish Manifesto rejects allied Note for truce with Greece 1827 T Note
The “July Revolution” in France: Charles X falls; replaced by Louis-Philippe 1830 - 1830 T Note
Riot of silk-weavers in Lyons 1831 T Note
Insurrection in Paris by Republicans 1832 T Note
Dom Pedro takes Oporto with French and British aid 1832 T Note
Duchesse de Berry is arrested 1832 T Note
Revolt of silk-weavers in Lyons 1834 T Note
Assassination attempt on Louis PhiIippe 1835 T Note
Louis Napoleon fails to seize power in France 1836 T Note
Mexico declares war on France 1838 T Note
French forces withdraw from Mexico 1839 T Note
Louis Napoleon's attempted rising at Boulogne faiIs 1840 T Note
Napoleon I's remains brought to Les Invalides in Paris 1840 T Note

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