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French-Indian rebellion in western Canada 1869 T Note
Franco-Prussian War 1870 - 1871 T Note
Battle of Weissenberg: French are defeated by Crown Prince Frederick 1870 T Note
Further French defeats at Worth and Spicheren 1870 T Note
Prussian forces victorious at Vionville and Mars-la-Tour 1870 T Note
French defeated at Gravelotte and St. Privat 1870 T Note
Battle of Sedan: French defeated 1870 T Note
Siege of Paris by Prussian forces begins 1870 T Note
French troops surrender Metz 1870 T Note
Strasbourg surrenders to Prussian forces 1870 T Note
Paris Commune/ Commune of Paris 1871 - 1871 T Note
French defeated at St. Quentin 1871 T Note
French Eastern Army crosses Swiss frontier and is disarmed 1871 T Note
Paris Commune is formally set up 1871 T Note
'Bloody Week' in Paris ends with defeat of the Commune 1871 - 1871 T Note
Germans evacuate France 1873 T Note
Count Arnim is arrested for his attacks on the French Republic 1874 T Note
War is averted between France and Germany 1875 T Note
Alsace-Lorraine is declared part of the German Reich 1879 T Note
France annexes Tahiti 1880 T Note

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