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The Habsburg archdukes rebel against the Emperor Rudolf II 1606 T Note
Maximilian of Bavaria occupies the imperial city of Donauwörth 1607 T Note
Elector of Brandenburg and Duke of Neuburg both claim Jülich-Cleves 1609 T Note
Imperial force besieges the fortress of Jülich 1609 T Note
Archduke Leopold of Austria is expelled from Jülich 1610 T Note
The Prince of Neuburg seizes Jülich 1614 T Note
Troops put down religious disturbances in Spanish Netherlands 1614 T Note
Thirty Years War 1618 - 1648 T
The Protestant Union assists the Bohemian rebels 1618 T Note
Elector Palatine refuses imperial troops passage through his territory 1618 T Note
An imperial army enters Bohemia to defeat the rebels 1618 T Note
Count Mansfeld occupies Pilsen for the Protestant Union 1618 T Note
The German Catholic League is persuaded to fight for Ferdinand II 1619 T Note
English volunteers join the Elector Palatine's army in Bohemia 1620 T Note
Spanish troops from the Netherlands invade the Palatinate 1620 T Note
Frederick V, Elector Palatine, is placed under the ban of the Empire 1621 T Note
Battle of Wiesloch 1622 T Note
Battle of Wimpfen 1622 T Note
Battle of Höchst completes the conquest of the Palatinate 1622 T Note
Heidelberg surrenders to the imperialists 1622 T Note

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