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8500 British troops join Ferdinand of Brunswick 1758 T Note
A Russian army reaches the Rhine 1735 T Note
Allied air attack on Zeebrugge 1916 T Note
Allied forces lift German siege of Leningrad 1944 T Note
Allies agree to evacuate troops 1818 T Note
Allies recapture Mayence 1793 T Note
Alsace-Lorraine is declared part of the German Reich 1879 T Note
Arab rising in German East Africa 1888 T Note
Archduke Charles defeats Jourdan at Würzburg 1796 T Note
Austria gains Dresden when Frederick II is defeated at Kunersdorf 1759 T Note
Austrian and Bavarian troops occupy Hanau in Hesse-Cassel 1850 T Note
Austrian troops take Schweidnitz and blockade Frederick II at Bunzelwitz 1761 T Note
Austrian victory at Hochkirch against Prussia 1758 T Note
Austrians begin siege of Neisse 1758 T Note
Austrians defeat Jourdan's army at Stockach 1799 T Note
Austro-German counter-offensive in Romania 1916 T Note
Austro-German forces take Lemberg (Lviv) 1915 T Note
Austro-German troops occupy Belgrade 1915 T Note
Austro-Prussian troops enter Schleswig 1864 T Note
Babi Yar massacre of Jews 1941 - 1941 T Note

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