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The Frankish Civil War 715 - 718 T Note
Battle of Cologne 716 T Note
Battle of Amblève 716 T Note
Charlemagne’s 13-year campaign against the Saxons begins 772 - 785 T Note
Massacre of Verden 782 T Note
Magyars attack the forces of Frankish emperor Louis II (the German) 862 T Note
Magyar campaigns in Western Europe 906 - 933 T Note
Henry I of Germany defeats the Wends 929 T Note
Battle of Riade 933 T Note
Battle of Lechfeld (Augsburg) 955 T Note
Prussia conquered by the Teutonic Order 1309 T Note
Jews are persecuted in Germany 1349 T Note
Battle of Tannenberg II 1410 T Note
Hussites victorious over German troops 1430 T Note
Battle of Nancy 1477 T Note
Peasants' revolt in Kempten is crushed 1492 T Note
Battle of Salins 1493 T Note
Maximilian asks German princes to aid him against the French in Italy 1495 T Note
Maximilian I leads an army to oust the remaining French from Italy 1496 T Note
Emperor Maximilian leaves Italy 1496 T Note

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