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The Irish rebellion is effectively crushed 1573 T Note
Unsuccessful attempt by Spain to land in Ireland 1579 T Note
A force of Italians and Spaniards lands in Ireland to aid the rebels 1580 T Note
The Earl of Desmond is killed 1583 T Note
Sir Henry Docwra lands at the head of Lough Foyle 1600 T Note
Irish Rebellion: Confederation of Kilkenny 1641 T Note
Revolt in Ireland 1641 T Note
Oliver Cromwell conquers Ireland 1649 - 1650 T Note
Drogheda is stormed and massacred 1649 T Note
Wexford is sacked 1649 T Note
Ireton lays siege to Limerick 1651 T Note
Surrender of Limerick after long siege 1651 T Note
Galway, last Royalist port in the British Isles, surrenders to Parliament 1652 T Note
Nine Years War, War of the League of Augsburg, War of the Grand Alliance, King Williams' War, War of the English Succession 1688 - 1697 T
Jacobite, Jacobitism 1689 - 1746 T
Anglo-Dutch army lands in Ireland 1689 T Note
Battle of the Boyne 1690 T Note
Louis XIV sends troops to Ireland to fight for James II 1690 T Note
William III leaves for Ireland 1690 T Note
William III fails to take Limerick 1690 T Note

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