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'White boys' revolt in Ireland 1763 T Note
A force of Italians and Spaniards lands in Ireland to aid the rebels 1580 T Note
Abortive Fenian risings in Ireland 1867 T Note
Abortive French attempt to invade Ireland 1796 T Note
Anglo-Dutch army defeats French at Aughrim 1691 T Note
Anglo-Dutch army lands in Ireland 1689 T Note
Battle of La Hougue 1692 - 1692 T Note
Battle of the Boyne 1690 T Note
Bottle Riots in Dublin 1822 T Note
Daniel O'Connell found guilty of conspiring against British rule 1844 T Note
Drogheda is stormed and massacred 1649 T Note
Easter Rising 1916 - 1916 T
Fenian attack on Quebec fails 1870 T Note
Fenian brotherhood Clerkenwell bombing 1867 T Note
Fenian brotherhood Manchester bombing 1867 T Note
Fenians arrested for planning uprising 1865 T Note
Fenians murder Irish chief secretary and under-secretary 1882 T Note
Galway, last Royalist port in the British Isles, surrenders to Parliament 1652 T Note
Habeas Corpus Act suspended in Ireland 1848 T Note
Habeas Corpus Act suspended in Ireland after unrest 1866 T Note

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