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Ferdinand of Bohemia defeats John Zápolya at Tokay 1527 T Note
Leopold's mercenaries devastate Upper Austria and move towards Prague 1610 T Note
Count Thurn leads the Bohemians to revolt 1618 T Note
'Defenestration of Prague' starts the Thirty Years War 1618 T Note
Bohemian army attacks the imperial garrison of Budweis 1618 T Note
The Protestant Union assists the Bohemian rebels 1618 T Note
An imperial army enters Bohemia to defeat the rebels 1618 T Note
Count Mansfeld occupies Pilsen for the Protestant Union 1618 T Note
Count Thurn leads an army of Bohemian patriots towards Vienna 1619 T Note
Battle of the White Mountain 1620 T Note
English volunteers join the Elector Palatine's army in Bohemia 1620 T Note
Saxon troops invade Bohemia 1631 T Note
Saxon troops under Arnim take Prague 1631 T Note
The Elector of Saxony enters Prague 1632 T Note
A Swedish army defeats Archduke Leopold William near Chemnitz 1639 T Note
The Swedes withdraw from Bohemia 1640 T Note
The Swedes take Prague 1646 T Note

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