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An Imperial force take Grosswardein from Turks 1692 T Note
Austria grants amnesty for Hungarian insurgents 1856 T Note
Austro-German counter-offensive in Romania 1916 T Note
Austro-German troops occupy Belgrade 1915 T Note
Austro-Hungarian ultimatum to Serbia 1914 T Note
Battle of Baia 1467 T Note
Battle of Lechfeld (Augsburg) 955 T Note
Battle of Mohacs 1526 T Note
Battle of Mohacs 1687 T Note
Battle of Riade 933 T Note
Boxers rising in China against Europeans 1900 - 1901 T Note
Charles, Duke of Lorraine, takes Buda from the Turks 1686 T Note
Communist regime imposed in Hungary 1948 T Note
Crusade of Varna defeated by the Ottomans 1444 T Note
Defeat of Suleyman the Magnificent in Hungary 1532 T Note
Emeric Tokoly becomes leader of the Hungarian rebels 1678 T Note
Ferdinand of Bohemia defeats John Zápolya at Tokay 1527 T Note
Final Allied counter-offensive 1918 T Note
Gabor Bethlen again invades the Austrian dominions 1623 T Note
Germans enter Warsaw 1915 T Note

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