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Russians invade Livonia in a war of succession 1557 T Note
Ivan IV of Russia gains Polotski from Poland 1563 T Note
Danzig surrenders to Stephen Bathory, King of Poland 1577 T Note
Stephen Bathory of Poland invades Russia 1581 T Note
Archduke Maximilian is defeated and imprisoned in Poland 1588 T Note
Battle of Stangebro 1598 T Note
Charles IX of Sweden executes leaders of the pro-Polish party 1600 T Note
The False Dmitri appears in Poland 1601 T Note
War between Sweden and Poland is resumed 1620 T Note
Battle of Jassy (Iasi) 1620 T Note
Silesia submits to Wallenstein 1627 T Note
Gustavus II of Sweden raises the siege of Danzig 1627 T Note
Gustavus II lands in Pomerania and marches his army into Germany 1630 T Note
Wallenstein invades Silesia 1633 T Note
Battle of Steinau 1633 T Note
Imperial army defeated at Jankowitz 1645 T Note
Cossacks defeat the Poles 1648 T Note
The Poles defeat the Cossacks and Tartars 1651 T Note
Tsar Alexis takes Smolensk in war with Poland 1654 T Note
First Northern War 1655 - 1660 T Note

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