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Revolts in Galicia; Cracow is annexed 1846 - 1846 T Note
Austrians suppress revolt in Cracow 1848 T Note
Polish rebels surrender after Prussian troops quash insurrection in Warsaw 1848 T Note
Baden insurgents capitulate to Prussian troops 1849 T Note
Tsar Alexander II grants amnesty for Polish insurgents 1856 T Note
Unsuccessful rising of Prussian royalists in Neuchatel Canton 1856 T Note
Prussia begins to mobilise against France 1859 T Note
Warsaw Massacre by Russian troops 1861 T Note
Polish rising against the Russian empire 1863 T Note
Battle of Langensalza: Prussians defeat Hanoverian army 1866 T Note
Prussia annexes Hanover, Hesse, Nassau and Frankfurt 1866 T Note
Prussia confiscates territory of King of Hanover 1868 T Note
Prussian forces victorious at Vionville and Mars-la-Tour 1870 T Note
Battle of Sedan: French defeated 1870 T Note
Siege of Paris by Prussian forces begins 1870 T Note
Strasbourg surrenders to Prussian forces 1870 T Note
War is averted between France and Germany 1875 T Note
Russians defeated at Limanova 1914 T Note
Battle of the River Niemen 1914 T Note
Battle for Warsaw 1914 T Note

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