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Russians defeated at Limanova 1914 T Note
Battle of the River Niemen 1914 T Note
Battle for Warsaw 1914 T Note
Germans introduce gas to the Polish Front 1915 T Note
Second Battle of Masurian Lakes 1915 - 1915 T Note
Central Powers breakthrough at Gorlice-Tarnow 1915 T Note
Germans enter Warsaw 1915 T Note
Germans take Novo-Georgievsk 1915 T Note
Polish offensive in Ukraine 1920 T Note
U.S.S.R. offensive against Poland opens 1920 T Note
Polish military coup 1926 T Note
The Holocaust and Shoah 1937 - 1945 T
Nazism and the Holocaust 1937 - 1945 T
Second World War begins 1939 - 1945 T Note
Katyn Massacre 1940 T Note
First mass killing by gas at Auschwitz 1941 T Note
Operation Bagration 1944 T Note
Communist regime imposed in Poland 1945 T Note
Warsaw Pact countries invade Czechoslovakia to stamp out the "Prague Spring" 1968 T Note

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